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Marine Surveys by Marine Technologies Surveying & Consulting , Bruce DeGraw, SAMSĀ® AMSĀ®, Neptune, New Jersey, USA Neptune, New Jersey

Bruce DeGraw, SAMS® AMS®
ABYC Standards Certified
Principal Marine Surveyor

Regularly Surveying in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware

Services We Offer
Pre-Purchase Survey

This is an extensive and detailed inspection of a new or used vessel. The hull, all machinery and systems are inspected to determine the current condition. Banks and lending institutions generally require this type of survey for financing. This survey may also be used for insurance purposes.

Insurance Survey

Insurance companies request this type of survey to determine the current condition and fair market value of a vessel, if the vessel is insurable, and at what value.


This is used to determine the current fair market value of the vessel.

Consulting Services

This is used to insure that repairs or upgrades on a vessel are performed to standard marine practices and ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) standards.

Consulting may also be used by clients who are interested in a vessel and are not able to inspect it personally. This service can be performed before a standard survey to insure the vessel is being represented properly and accurately. We recommend you call for details.

Although not required or necessary, Marine Technologies encourages clients to be present during surveys to address findings. Marine Technologies does offer unlimited phone consultation so that any findings may be discussed and questions addressed if not able to attend or if questions arise at a later date.

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