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Marine Surveys by Marine Technologies Surveying & Consulting , Bruce DeGraw, SAMSĀ® AMSĀ®, Neptune, New Jersey, USA Neptune, New Jersey

Bruce DeGraw, SAMS® AMS®
ABYC Standards Certified
Principal Marine Surveyor

Regularly Surveying in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, and Delaware

The Cost of a Marine Survey
The cost of a marine survey has many variables in arriving at a fair price, including but not limited to the size and type of vessel, the materials used in its construction, the type of work the surveyor is required to complete, and the location and age of the vessel.

We should add here that in almost every case the marine survey is very much the wrong place to try to save a couple of hundred bucks. A boat is a very serious investment, both in money and safety concerns. Please contact us for an exact quote and to discuss additional services and options available to meet your individual requirements and needs.

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